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The Election of the Next Sheriff of Santa Clara County Matters to all County Municipalities

  • The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office (one of the largest in the state) directly serves almost 200,000 of the 1.9 million county residents and is called upon to provide support, backup and management of resources in emergencies, civil disorders and disasters countywide and regionally.


  • The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office employs 1,800 sworn and non-sworn personnel and operates a budget topping $300 million, making outstanding leadership a must.


  • In addition to providing protection for Cupertino, Los Altos Hills, Saratoga and the County’s unincorporated areas, the Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for public safety for the Valley Transportation Authority and the Santa Clara County Park Department.


  • The Sheriff’s Office most common support is in apprehension of criminal offenders, but also includes Search and Rescue and policing air coverage.

  • The Sheriff oversees the Santa Clara County Jail system and is responsible for housing inmates and providing security and bailiff services for County Superior Courts.


  • The Sheriff’s Office performs numerous civil process duties: electronic fingerprinting for background checks, process serving and managing the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Justice Center/Academy.


The Santa Clara County Sheriff‘s Office is the lynchpin that ties the cities to the county and the county to Regional Emergency Response and Mutual Aid programs.  

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