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Campaigning Fairly


Because I cannot know of, or control, all the efforts of others during my campaigns, I wrote a letter in the summer of 2013 urging a clean campaign that would not hurt our message by going negative. I do believe in pointing out the contrast between candidates, and the problems that need to be rectified; however, anyone who knows me also knows that I have always acted and communicated with respect and not with mean spirited motivation or action.


In the past, I have heard of blog comments, mailer information, and other communication that did not conform to the standard I place on myself and my campaign team. I do not approve of any communication that crosses the line from tough, fair, and responsible to mean, unfair, and irresponsible.


This letter went out to employee associations, and was shared with many. At this time, I am advising everyone via this message to please honor my desire for an honorable campaign that can win, and that we can all be proud of. Please share this message with anyone you feel it would benefit. I am responsible for what I approve and send, but I also feel very adamantly that candidates had, and have, an obligation to call for supporters to share their ethics as well as their message. Many have communicated that wrong decisions and poor judgment were exercised by the incumbent, and it is fair to address those topics, but while doing so, we believe we should win with the integrity we ascribe to, live every day, and promise to exercise should we be honored with the majority vote of the public we serve in June 2022.


Thank you,

Kevin Jensen

Kevin's statement on Campaigning Fairly in the 2014 Election

Campaign 2014

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