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Kevin Jensen for sheriff logo
Kevin Jensen for sheriff logo
Kevin Jensen for sheriff logo
Kevin Jensen for sheriff logo
Kevin Jensen for sheriff logo


A New Direction, New Leadership

Kevin represents a much needed new direction and new leadership.

As Sheriff, he will focus on the accountability and transparency

to the community, and collaboration with community leaders, that 

has been sorely lacking. His priorities will be regaining the public

trust and rebuilding the culture of the Sheriff's Office based on

integrity and ethical leadership.


Safe & Effective Operations of the Jail System

Improve jail conditions in partnership with internal and external stakeholders

identifying best practices, policies and improvements.

Crime Prevention & Improved Community Policing

Provide more effective police services, improve hiring, retention and staffing. Provide education to the public on how

to better protect their neighborhoods, and ensure a much-needed collaborative law enforcement effort throughout the county.

Improve Employee Retention, Relations and Morale

Utilize latest hiring and retention strategies that relate to the workforce of the 21st century workers. Build an agency that better reflects our community. Guarantee open "two-way" communications within the ranks allowing employees to become part of departmental improvement through transparency founded in mutual respect, trust and integrity.

Accountability Program

Ensure all Sheriff's Office personnel, including management, are accountable in all areas. 


Expand Youth Programs

Develop programs protective of our youth, their families, and the community by focusing on internet crime, bullying, drugs, gangs and other areas of vulnerability.


Create and Promote Rehabilitation & Education Programs

Better utilize program staff and community volunteers to reduce recidivism among offenders. Implement programs that have both qualitative and quantitive data supporting their success and effectiveness. 

Kevin Jensen for sheriff logo

Collaborative Approach 

Having worked throughout his career in a wide range of administrative, operational, and tactical assignments gives Jensen a thorough understanding of the needs and requirements of the law enforcement community.  He and other area law enforcement leaders recognize the tremendous void present in the area of inter-agency cooperation and collaboration when it comes to Sheriff’s Office involvement with these leaders.   Jensen will draw on years of working collaboratively toward common goals and not isolate or limit the Sheriff’s Office’s effectiveness.  Jensen firmly believes that the Sheriff’s Office should be and have the reputation for being, a law enforcement leader and not a lone institution.  This is just one of the reasons Jensen is garnering the overwhelming support of local, regional law enforcement Associations and top Leaders.

Proactive Approach

Jensen will draw on tested and proven concepts for developing proactive strategies for crime prevention throughout Santa Clara County.  The current reactive posture and response to crime is not effective in dealing with repeat offenders, nor will it keep our communities safe.  As a veteran of 28 years and as a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Jensen is well positioned to work collaboratively with local allied agencies and law enforcement entities across the Nation to institute crime fighting methodologies for Santa Clara County.  As a past President of the FBI National Academy Associates’ statewide California Chapter, Jensen’s relationships enable him to extend his collaborative reach well beyond this area to bring what will work best in Santa Clara County. 

Kevin Jensen Community event.jpg

Community Focus

Jensen will develop community outreach programs which will serve as an avenue for the public to have direct access to the Sheriff’s Office.  This will allow the community a platform to voice their concerns, provide feedback and provide input.  Jensen believes that the community he serves should have the ability to access and interact with the Sheriff’s Office.  These programs will include outreach to our schools by Sheriff’s Office personnel for the purpose of providing information and leadership to our youth.  Jensen is committed to educating our children on crime prevention relating to gang activity, substance use and abuse, internet crimes, and other offenses that affect them.    


Jensen will establish meaningful partnerships with public, private, and corporate entities in order to strengthen community relationships and expand department capabilities.  Strong cooperative relationships will enhance the effectiveness of services provided by the Sheriff’s Office and will foment trust and confidence in the Department.  It is through these relationships that the citizens of Santa Clara County will see the value of partnership and a Sheriff that is committed to them. 

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