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March 24, 2022


Media Relations

Kevin Jensen for Sheriff 2022

333 W. San Carlos Street, Suite 600

San Jose CA 95110


SAN JOSE CA – March 24, 2022 – “Women Leaders in Law Enforcement Endorse Kevin Jensen for Sheriff”


Gina Haynes - Chief, San Jose State University PD (ret.)

Lynne Johnson - Chief, Palo Alto PD (ret.)

Jessica Nowaski - Deputy Police Chief, Mountain View PD (ret.)

Catherine Wayne - Commander, California Highway Patrol (ret.)

Alana Forrest - Captain, Los Gatos/Monte Sereno PD (ret.)

Octavia T. Parker - Captain, San Diego Co. Sheriff’s Office (ret.)

Blanca Hoyt - Captain, Santa Clara Co. Sheriff’s Office (ret.)

Gabby Seagrave - Sgt., Santa Clara PD (ret.)


“I have known Kevin Jensen for over 10 years. He is an ethical and principled person and has the relevant experience and know-how Santa Clara County needs to lead the Sheriff's Office. I whole-heartedly support Kevin Jensen for Sheriff.” - Jessica Nowaski, Deputy Police Chief, Mountain View Police Department (ret.)


“I have had the privilege to work with and know Kevin Jensen for over 30 years. Through the years, Kevin has always been true to himself, and strong in his values. He is regarded by many with much respect and support because of his unwavering integrity, dedication, compassion, and experience.  His commitment to inclusivity and unity leaves no doubt that Kevin Jensen will serve the Office of the Sheriff, the community and County of Santa Clara with great honor and leadership.” - Blanca Hoyt - Captain, Santa Clara Co. Sheriff’s Office (ret.)


My name is Catherine Wayne and I retired from the California Highway Patrol after more than 27 years of service in which all my time was spent in the Bay Area. The last 4 years of my career I spent as the Commander of the San Jose Area which included Santa Clara County. During that time, I met Kevin Jensen at an FBI National Academy training luncheon and was immediately impressed with his enthusiasm, insight, and his vision of the Law Enforcement Profession. Since that meeting, we have continued to maintain a professional relationship over the years, and I consider him a friend. Kevin and I share many of the same leadership perspectives which includes, trust, accountability, integrity, and the crucial importance of collaboration within your agency, other agencies, and the community we serve. When Kevin left the Sheriff’s Department in 2013, he was a highly respected and trusted servant in the community.  Kevin’s passion to honorable service of others is one of his greatest attributes. Most of the issues which have plagued and tarnished the Law Enforcement profession has been a direct result of a lack of strong leadership skills at all levels. Having the ability to rebuild trust within agencies and communities, takes a leader with a new vision and a heart-felt passion to serve those who have entrusted them. I strongly believe that Kevin would be the Sheriff who could lead the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department and the community in a new direction of excellence, compassion, and quality of service it expects and deserves. - Catherine Wayne - Commander, California Highway Patrol (ret.)


Kevin Jensen is by far the strongest candidate to become the next Santa Clara County Sheriff. He is a strong, ethical leader. He is an excellent communicator, good listener, and a team player who is fiscally responsible and inclusive of all when forming committees. I have known Kevin for nearly 20 years professionally and personally. Kevin is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigations National Academy Associates (FBINAA). The FBINAA is the largest Law Enforcement Association in the world. Kevin was elected by its members to serve as president of the California Chapter which is the single largest chapter in the United States. The Chapter President’s position was a duty over and above his duties as a Sheriff’s Captain. Kevin is a man of values who is devoted to his family and our communities. Our families are forever intertwined by love, respect, and friendship. - Octavia T. Parker - Captain, San Diego Co. Sheriff’s Office (ret.)


In his response to the endorsements, Kevin Jensen stated,

“Despite a difficult childhood, I was blessed to have several strong female influences, including a mother who sacrificed much, sow into my life compassion, knowledge, and hope. I am grateful for them and the special women I met, worked with, and developed deep relationships with throughout my career. Though I cannot mention them all, I feel it important to acknowledge some of them, as a representation of all who have accomplished so much.


These amazing and successful partners, contemporaries and dear friends have not only faced the challenges and inherent dangers of the demanding, high-risk duties of fighting crime, but also prevailed against the perceptions, traditions, and resistance of a previously male dominated occupation. I, and my team, celebrate Women’s History Month by acknowledging a few of the many trailblazing leaders in law enforcement. These women overcame obstacles and shattered ceilings while demonstrating exceptional competence, valor, and professionalism to more than earn their opportunities to lead others to excellence in service to the community. Our profession, those whom we serve, and I, as a person and a Law Enforcement leader, have richly benefited from your contributions. Thank you for all you have endured, all you have done, and for all the help and support you’ve given me.”


Captain Jensen is a 28-year veteran of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office who has served in many Executive Management and Management positions and a wide range of administrative, operational, and tactical positions. These include serving in Patrol, Courts, Assistant Chief of the Department of Correction, the Elmwood Detention Facility Commander, Jail Administrative Commander, Stanford DPS Liaison - and served as the Risk Program Manager for California’s state-wide Urban Area Security Initiatives, a critical public safety component tasked with assisting with the prevention of terrorist acts as well as mitigation, response, and recovery. Captain Jensen holds a Masters’ Degree in Leadership, a bachelor’s degree in Management, and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

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