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Kevin is driven to rebuild the effectiveness and reputation of the Sheriff’s Office by re-instilling

professionalism and trust within the leadership of the office by ensuring each department action is a cornerstone of truthfulness, fairness and transparency. Kevin is known for leading by example, respecting the opinions and views of others, and making decisions based on best business case.


Kevin will ensure the Sheriff’s Office is known for spearheading inter-agency collaboration at all levels of the public sector and through development of a strong private sector partnerships within the community and department.  He will operate under a spirit of cooperation so as not to isolate the Sheriff’s Office or limit its effectiveness by resisting change or modernization to deliver maximum law enforcement and emergency services to the community. 

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Kevin will earn the public’s trust each day by ensuring he and each member of the Sheriff’s Office are accountable for their actions.  He will apply a much-needed leadership model exemplifying professionalism in public safety by treating everyone equally and respectfully.  “Serving our community, leading with integrity” is how he intends to operate as Sheriff.  It speaks volumes to why he, a non-incumbent, is overwhelmingly endorsed by the Law Enforcement community.

Kevin Jensen Campaign Kick Off 11/27/2021

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